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April 28, 2018 / rockroots

Jonathan Kelly


Sad news from the world of Jonathan Kelly, one of Ireland’s best and most under-appreciated musical exports; Jonathan has been suffering from “a very aggressive form of dementia” for some time and no longer recognises some of his closest friends. See/Hear my take on the music and complicated character of Jonathan Kelly Ledingham, written as a guest post on the Cedar Lounge Revolution back in 2014, here: Jonathan Kelly – Irish folk singer.

Jonathan’s friend Gerald – the man responsible for bringing Jonathan out of prolonged retirement for a series of live dates in the mid 2000’s – isn’t enjoying good health himself these days, and is seeking genuine offers of assistance and advice for the next steps in preserving Jonathan’s legacy and raising charitable funds. These might take the form of:

  • a Jonathan Kelly supporters convention
  • a tribute concert
  • a tribute album featuring re-interpretations of his songs
  • a Jonathan Kelly box set (featuring ‘best of’ / live recordings / singles / rarities)

You can read the full statement from the official Jonathan Kelly facebook page (and offer support) here.





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