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July 22, 2017 / rockroots

Green Sleeves


I recently had the opportunity to check out the exhibition currently on display at the National Print Museum in Beggars Bush Barracks. Green Sleeves: The Irish Printed Record Cover 1955-2017 takes a look across all genres of LPs and singles from that time, all either printed in Ireland or for the Irish market. The exhibition displays some record artwork previously featured on this website (that’s not a coincidence!), but the overall presentation is really a revelation in terms of the breadth and diversity of the Irish record cover design and print industry beyond this site’s narrow focus.


Grouped by genre or by era, the sections are in semi-enclosed spaces that give the sense of moving through a series of time-capsules from the golden age of vinyl in all it’s technicolor / mundane / ambitious / tacky glory.


Of course this would appeal to me, but anyone who grew up owning and listening to vinyl records will get a kick out of seeing these and remembering the time before MP3s and streaming, when music was as much a physical art form as a background sound.

The exhibition runs until the 1st October 2017 and has free admission (details here).

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