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February 17, 2021 / rockroots

Ned Spoone

The Irish Rock Discography reports that the original name for this band was ‘Ned Spoone and the Safari Elephants‘, formed in south Dublin in 1967. That group broke up in 1971, after which a new line-up was put together by guitarist Alan Grundy. Among the new recruits was singer Reg Walker, formerly of the rather good Love Street. It was only this heavy rock version of the Spoone which actually released any recordings – one single each in 1972 and 1973, on the PYE and Play labels respectively. Unfortunately, the first single has so far eluded me, but it consisted of covers of the James Gang’s ‘Walk Away’ and Humble Pie’s ‘Red Light Mamma, Red Hot!’ – both heavy blues rockers, which will give you at least a sense of the where their heads were at.

The follow-up paired another Humble Pie cover with a group composition, but the song titles on the disc label were switched around in error. The production (by the band themselves) is perhaps a little too murky to do them complete justice. Or maybe it’s just this scratchy copy? The guitar solo on ‘Four Day Creep’ comes through loud and clear though, and is worth a listen. ‘Look to your Soul’ is an organ-heavy pop/rock number with some unusual, but presumably intentional, choices in the production; a double-tracked guitar is constantly a fraction out of time with the rest of the instruments, giving a weird echo effect which is both grating and intriguing in equal measure. The group broke up permanently around 1974. Like many bands of this period, a solid knowledge of contemporary heavy rock was not enough to secure a lasting career on the Irish scene.

Ned Spoone – Four Day Creep (192 kbps):

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