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January 6, 2017 / rockroots

Project Africa – Reach Out To Africa


Here’s another charity record from the very charitable Ireland of the 1980s. From what I can gather online, this was a project put together in 1988 by members of Blackrock College as a means to raise funds for the Concern charity. Singer and co-writer Andrew McKimm appears to be a maths teacher, while the choir are ‘The Folk Group, Blackrock College’. It’s probably one of the better charity singles, the lyrics about the guilt of the white man in exploiting the continent having a simple charm and focus that’s missing from some the typical ‘one-line-per-superstar/mass shoutalong’ efforts that marked the 1980s. That said, they did manage to rope in Noel Bridgeman of Skid Row on percussion and Jim Lockhart of Horslips on production duties. The B-side is a slightly different ‘village’ mix of the same song.

Project Africa – Reach Out To Africa (192kbps)


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  1. Andrew McKimm / Dec 19 2017 00:16

    Dear Archivist,
    I’m Andrew McKimm. Funny and nice to see our song mentioned on a “Rock History Site”. If you want to know more about the record you can contact me on the email below.

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