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March 3, 2021 / rockroots


There’s remarkably little online about early-’70s Dublin group Spice. The Irish Rock Discography suggests that they evolved from ’60s group The Cyclones, and that band member Jimmy Mullen was the uncle of U2’s Larry Mullen. The same site reveals a possible second EP single and a various-artists compilation album which nevertheless featured Spice as the main attraction. I don’t have these, unfortunately (at least not yet). But this first single reveals a laid-back maturity that promises much from the rest of their output. Notably, Jackie Hayden was centrally involved in their career, both as producer and occasional songwriter. He had already overseen a great single by The Urge, and would go on to work on the Falling Asunder project and Reform‘s first album, arranging U2’s first record contract along the way. The ‘A’-side here has a lovely west coast rock vibe, not quite Jefferson Airplane standard but maybe Moby Grape? The flipside is a gentle soft-rock ballad. Both feature some really nice vocal harmonies, and the playing and production are wonderful, especially in comparison to much of what was being released at the time in Ireland.

Spice (192 kbps):

  • Last Year
  • Looking My Way

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