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March 24, 2021 / rockroots

Skid Row – Alive and Kickin’

News of the death of Noel ‘Nollaig’ Bridgeman has prompted this post. A fairly unassuming gentleman by all accounts, with his immaculate ‘celtic afro’ and handlebar moustache he was also that rarity among Irish rock musicians – someone who actually looked like a star. Most of all, though, it was his talent that saw him have an extraordinarily long career as a session drummer through many decades and musical styles. He first made a name for himself in Skid Row alongside singer Phil Lynott, guitarist Ben Cheevers and bassist Brush Shiels. Bridgeman was in and out of the band often throughout its various permutations right up until recent years, and also found time to join Granny’s Intentions briefly during the recording of their great and only album. His CV is far too long to detail here, but suffice to say his story runs through the first thirty-odd years of Irish rock itself and it’s a sad reminder of the diminishing links back to that golden age.

‘Alive and Kickin” was the third album released by Skid Row. It came five years after their landmark ’34 Hours’ LP, but had little in common with its jazz/hard rock vibe. After Gary Moore’s departure Brush and Noel struggled to pick up the pieces with replacements and briefly went their separate ways. By the time this ‘live-in-the-studio’ album was recorded in January 1976 they were joined by Jody Pollard (guitar/vocals, ex-Elmer Fudd), John Brady (bass/vocals) and Dave Gaynor (second drummer). Brush sang and played electric mandolin and harmonica, and a third percussionist – Ian Anderson – was borrowed from Ditch Cassidy’s backing band. This probably isn’t their best record, either as a band or individually, it has to be said, but what it is is a covers album of live favourites played in a party atmosphere.

Skid Row – Alive and Kickin’ (192 kbps):

  1. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
  2. Wiped Out
  3. Really Got Me
  4. Tired Of Waiting/Louis Louis/Hang On Sloopy
  5. Mr Tambourine Man
  6. Little Help From My Friends
  7. Summertime Blues
  8. Let’s Dance
  9. Mandolin Medley
  10. Killin’ Me Softly
  11. Me and Bobby McGee
  12. Drift Away
  13. Satisfaction

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