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February 10, 2021 / rockroots

The Bogey Boys – Jimmy Did It!

Hot on the heels (well, within a year) of their first came the Bogey Boy’s second, and so far final, album: Jimmy Did It! in 1980. And Jimmy does indeed get most of the limelight here, from the great caricature sleeve (by Paul Ellis) to all six original song credits. The remaining songs are made up of two Fleetwood Mac covers and one each from Connie Francis and Sonny & Cher.

The addition of a brass section (not to mention the wonderfully-named backing singers ‘The Pointless Sisters’) on the recording sessions brought a change from the band’s previous output. There’s a laid-back soul vibe on ‘The Word Is Out’ and ‘Who’s Sorry Now’. ‘Long Grey Mare’ (misspelled on the record label) is reinterpreted as easy listening blues, while ‘Stop Messin’ Round’ is stripped back to piano. The rest of the tracks offer melodic AOR, the best of which is ‘Never Let Up’, but only on ‘Do The Buzz’ is there a taste of their earlier rock sound.

The Bogey Boys – Jimmy Did It! (192 kbps):

  • 01 – The Word Is Out
  • 02 – Blind Eye
  • 03 – Who’s Sorry Now
  • 04 – Never Let Up
  • 05 – Bang Bang
  • 06 – Long Grey Mare
  • 07 – Do The Buzz
  • 08 – Trouble
  • 09 – The Emigrant
  • 10 – Stop Messin’ Around

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