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October 31, 2013 / rockroots

Even More Updates

Progress is slow, but there is more to come. In the meantime there’s a few things that are worth mentioning here.

Firstly, the illness and untimely death recently of Phil Chevron received considerable coverage in the press and especially in social media. This was as it should be, and somewhat undermines this site’s regular gripe that Irish musicians only get praised if they’re famous abroad. Notwithstanding The Pogues‘ success in Britain and elsewhere, Phil could not really be considered internationally famous in his own right, yet he was respected enough at home to warrant a ‘testimonial’ tribute concert shortly before his death, with an excellent array of musicians paying homage. Phil was instrumental in putting out The Radiators From Space‘s 2012 album Sound City Beat which, as noted here before, was itself a tribute to the Irish rock music Phil was inspired by in his youth.

On a sadly similar note, a fund-raising concert was held in March 2013 in support of Henry McCullough. Henry, of course, has a stellar CV, having played guitar with Eire Apparent, Sweeney’s Men, The Grease Band (with and without Joe Cocker) and Paul McCartney & Wings, among others (and you can also hear him murmuring about being “really drunk” during a sound collage on Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon). In recent years Henry has been a regular feature of the live blues clubs of Dublin and elsewhere, but he unfortunately suffered a massive heart attack in November of last year and required some fairly intensive treatment. It’s unclear at the moment whether he is likely to return to performing, but it is worth sending positive thoughts his way and wishing him better health in the future.

Sad to report that the Sink Full Of Dishes blog appears to have disappeared. The owner of that excellent site provided some invaluable advice, support and encouragement during the planning stages of this blog, for all of which a belated public ‘Thank You’ is in order. The link from this site remains, purely out of a stubborn refusal to acknowledge its passing, but should the author of that site relaunch under another name it will be most welcome.

On to some better news, Derek Dean – lead singer of The Freshmen – has got in touch to say that the band’s 1970 concept album Peace On Earth (the subject of the very first post on this site) is due to get a limited CD release this Christmas. This is great news as this is a very overlooked album that is very hard to track down copies of, as many readers will know. Any further developments on this will be added.

Finally, it was wonderful to hear recently from Heather Muir. Heather was the partner of Ray Elliott, a fantastic musician who was the subject of a pretty detailed post here early last year. She has been very supportive of the article, and very generous in filling in the gaps and adding her personal memories of Raymond. This has all been a very rewarding experience. A new section has been added to the page to reflect this, and more may follow.


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  1. Niallox / Nov 7 2013 18:31

    Phil Chevron – Testimonial tribute concert Download !!

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