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April 7, 2021 / rockroots

Sunshine – Dance With Me

As noted in any biography of this band, their history is unfathomable. A group called Sunshine existed briefly in the mid to late 1960s, made up of survivors from the first wave of the Belfast blues scene. Apparently unrelated, Belfast showband Candy began in 1969 before evolving into a pop group known first as Bang and then as Sunshine. That band came to an end in 1973, after which guitarist Stuart Bingham was involved with a group called Tapestry. In 1974 a new version of Sunshine was launched, featuring Bingham, his Tapestry colleagues Irene McIlroy (vocals), Shaun Magee (bass) and Ardy Moorhead (drums), and original Candy/Bang/Sunshine singer Bryce Norrie.

A few further changes as Magee and McIlroy defected to Chips, to be replaced by Trevor England (bass) and Rosie Hunter (vocals), brings us finally to the band that recorded (and autographed) this 1977 single. True to their name, light pop was their stock-in-trade, and they moved within the same orbit as bands like Chips, making the obligatory tilt towards Eurovision contests in the ’70s. ‘Dance With Me’ was a significant hit in the States and Canada in 1975 for the group Orleans – it was written by band member John Hall and his wife Johanna – but was little-known in Europe. Much more interesting is the ‘B’-side written by Bingham – a thumping pop/rocker that bounces along with great vocals and reminds me of the kitschier end of Queen’s output (maybe that’s just me though).

This was something like the third single released by the reconstituted Sunshine, and they apparently ploughed on on the pop circuit and with further singles until the 1990s.

Sunshine – Dance With Me (192 kbps):

  • Dance With Me
  • Evil Eyes

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