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March 16, 2020 / rockroots

Mitch & The Editions – The Singles


The First Edition‘ started out during 1968 with Mitch Mahon on vocals, Andy Dunne on keyboards, Leslie Mulvey on guitar, Paddy Frawley on saxophone, Eamonn Tierney on bass and Paul O’Hanlon on drums. The name evolved to ‘The Edition‘ and ‘Mitch & the Editions‘, though when they released their first single on the Pye label in late 1969 it was credited to ‘Mitch Mahon & the Editions‘. The ‘A’-side was an upbeat slice of soul-pop, while the ‘B’-side was more in the crooner ballad vein. Though vocalist Mitch recieved star billing, it was organist Andy Dunne who wrote all of the band’s original output. At the end of 1969 the multi-artist compilation LP Paddy Is Dead And The Kids Know It featured their already-released ‘B’-side along with a decent cover of the psych-pop era Status Quo song Make Me Stay A Bit Longer.

From this promising start, the group quickly lost momentum as a planned second single was put on ice and the decision was made to target the showband market. With new bass player Alan Murray, they eventually released three more singles on the Polydor label during 1971-1972. The first of these was a fairly straight-forward pop offering. Hey Diana was a stronger effort with a stomping swagger. God’s Children had a cod-reggae flavour with some sophisticated production. The band never really made the chart breakthrough they probably deserved before they broke up sometime around 1972.

The Irish Rock Discography adds that a band-member named Ronnie Duff was electrocuted onstage in 1968, and that after the group’s demise a new line-up gigged for a short time with Andy Dunne joined by guitarist Eric Bell, singer John Farrell, drummer Peter Carr and others. Band leader and songwriter Andy Dunne died in 1986, and the handful of singles which demonstrated his not-inconsiderable talent were finally made accessible via YouTube in recent years.


Mitch & the Editions – The Singles (192 kbps)

01 – You Got What I Need

02 – I’ve Thrown Our Love Away

03 – Make Me Stay A Bit Longer

04 – I’m Goin’ Home

05 – Couldn’t Live Without You

06 – Hey Diana

07 – Lovin’s Really Livin’

08 – God’s Children

09 – What A Crazy Feelin’


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  1. Jean-Jacques Mura / May 14 2020 07:58


    I’m sorry to write here but I didn’t find a search box or a contact place. I’m looking for a digital copy of the record of Deke O’Brien “Nightbus”. If someone could help, it will be great. Thanks.

  2. rockroots / May 14 2020 17:38

    No problem, Jean-Jacques – I don’t have it but someone else might.

    • Jean-Jacques Mura / May 15 2020 07:59

      Thanks for the answer. It seems very difficult to find. I found it in vinyl but I have no material to convert it in digital. Hope someone will be able to help.


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