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June 11, 2014 / rockroots

More Damn Dirty Music of the Planet of the Apes



Almost three years ago, around the time that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was in cinemas, RockRoots brought you a collection of music from the first wave of Apemania, titled ‘Ape Shuffle’. That post ended with a mention that there were plenty of songs about Planet of the Apes from the decades after 1980, and that if anyone really wanted to hear them they could appear on follow-up collections. For whatever reason – let’s assume technical problems – absolutely nobody has expressed any such interest in hearing these. Nevertheless, sure in the knowledge that this must be some kind of oversight, the release of the latest film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, will be marked with not one, but two more collections of Ape-themed music from RockRoots! Presented here is a CDs-worth of rock, some of it about the Planet of the Apes, some of it making reference to the Planet of the Apes, some of it using samples taken from Planet of the Apes films, and much of it just using the title ‘Planet of the Apes‘. It is, after all, a very evocative title, bringing to mind iconic imagery and timeless quotes. It means very different things to different musicians – to some it is simply about classic sci-fi, to others it is about broader themes of the mortality and morality of the human race. Some use it as crude shorthand for racial stereotypes (for which reason the charmingly named ‘Vaginal Jesus’ aren’t included here), some as an equally blunt message of racial violence (that’s you, Wu Tang Clan), others still as a sarcastic attack on the theory of evolution (on which, more in the next post). The pace of new songs written about Planet of the Apes has been maintained in the three years since the last collection, meaning there are plenty to choose from. Believe it or not, there were as many tracks left off this collection as were included, some for the reasons just mentioned, but also because of sound quality, or having no discernible content about the Apes concept beyond a song title (some of these slipped in anyway). Some were left off for offensive lyrics, but before listening you should be warned that there are still a lot of explicit lyrics on here and it is not intended for young or sensitive listeners.

The music that remains ranges from ’80s indie rock through to heavy metal, with a very generous helping of punk along the way, but will hopefully have some sort of overall coherence for the listener. It seems that Planet of the Apes became a popular theme for punk bands around the late 1980s and remained so until at least the mid ’00s, for reasons that aren’t immediately obvious, although this coincided with a time when there was a long drawn-out saga in Hollywood about how best to revive the film franchise, ending ultimately with a movie widely regarded as a disappointment. The companion collection to follow will be more of a sound collage taking in hip-hop, electronic and soundtrack music. As is always the case, there is no copyright infringement intended in the posting of this collection, merely the sharing of good music among that tiny cross-section of the human population of this planet who enjoy both hard rock and Planet of the Apes. Any requests to remove content will be respected.


Damn Dirty Ape Music

  1. (Ape Chatter – ANSA)
  2. The Doormats – (Life’s still a drag on the) Planet of the Apes
  3. Adam & The Ants – Picasso visits the Planet of the Apes
  4. (Ape Chatter – That was OUR planet)
  5. The Surfin’ Wombatz – Planet of the Psychobilly Apes
  6. Jonny Cohen’s Love Machine – No Escape from the Planet of the Apes
  7. The Space Cossacks – Planet of the Apes
  8. (Ape Chatter – Play-Mate of the Apes)
  9. The Whiskey Daredevils – Planet of the Apes
  10. The Commodes – Planet of the Apes
  11. TR6 – Bo Diddley on the Planet of the Apes
  12. Sawn Off – Planet of the Apes
  13. Spika In Snüzz – Planet of the Apes
  14. (Ape Chatter – Stinkin’ Apes)
  15. The Pinehurst Kids – Planet of the Apes
  16. (Ape Chatter – Not on my watch)
  17. Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 – Planet of the Apes
  18. The Six And Violence – Planet of the Apes
  19. The Dehumanizers – Planet of the Apes
  20. Soylint Green – Planet of the Apes
  21. Screeching Weasel – Planet of the Apes
  22. Al Bundie’s Army – Planet of the Apes
  23. I Quit! – Return to the Planet of the Apes
  24. (Ape Chatter – Damn Dirty Human)
  25. The Mummies – (You must fight to live) On the Planet of the Apes
  26. Nazi Death Camp – This is the Planet of the Apes
  27. (Ape Chatter – Revenge of the Planet Ape)
  28. The Misfits – The Forbidden Zone
  29. Bizarre X – Planet of the Apes
  30. Gut Bucket – King Kong Vs. Planet of the Apes
  31. (Ape Chatter – Quiet You)
  32. Human Tanga – Planet of the Apes
  33. Devil’s Pawn – Apetown
  34. (Ape Chatter – The Mandrill Militia)
  35. Devil’s Pawn – Shake My Cage
  36. (Ape Chatter – NO)
  37. Cathedral – Urko’s Conquest

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Do please support the recording artists by buying the legitimate albums where available.

The new album from Devil’s Pawn can be downloaded from here (for free).

More details can be found on these and other Apes songs at The Planet of the Apes Wiki site:

The Sacred Scrolls: Music of the Planet of the Apes



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  1. jose luis del val / Jun 22 2014 20:48

    Hi friend
    I’m Jose “Tommentonenacuadra” this blog was unknown to me.
    It is fantastic.
    I love irish rock. Thank you for including my blog in to blogroll.
    I’ll do the same with yours.
    Greetings from Spain.

    • rockroots / Jun 25 2014 18:10

      Thank you Jose, I found your blog through our shared love of Orange Machine – a great site!

  2. Steve 'Uggy Wombat' Young / Jul 25 2014 18:42

    Cheers for including Planet of the psychobilly Apes in this listing ! We are flattered! Watch out for Psychobilly Daleks next ! TTFN ………Surfin Wombatz .

    • rockroots / Jul 27 2014 11:27

      Thank you so much Uggy – I’m very happy you approve. And I’ll definitely keep an eye-stalk out for the Psychobilly Daleks!


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