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July 31, 2012 / rockroots

Chips – The Singles


This blog recently passed a landmark 10,000 views since it’s launch, and to celebrate here’s an update on the earlier post on the self-titled Chips LP from 1976. Included on that post was a selection of the Belfast/Dublin band’s numerous singles, but I’ve since assembled a much more comprehensive collection, albeit still with a few gaps. The quality varies a little (the second single is unfortunately quite poorly pressed), but more interesting perhaps is the evolution of the group’s sound. Personally, I prefer the quirky folk pop of their first three or four singles. Their prolific stint with Decca Records in the second half of the ’70s produced some much more polished pop and rock songs; less distinctive perhaps, but enjoyable nonetheless. The advent of the 1980s was marked by the influence of contemporary disco and electro-pop, as well as a drive towards Eurovision success (as mentioned in the earlier post), though the choice of After The Goldrush / New Day as a ‘B’-side in 1981 was a timely reminder of their hippie origins just a decade earlier. Hopefully the handful of elusive remaining singles will be added here in time, so stay tuned, but for now enjoy the singles of Chips.

With thanks to Toby!


Chips Singles (192 kbps):

  • To-Day I Killed A Man
  • Quintan Sunday
  • Sock It To ‘Em Sister Nell
  • Let Us Learn To Love One Another
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Earth
  • King Kong
  • Love For An Angel
  • Love Matters
  • Gentle Teacher
  • Twice A Week
  • Reelin’ In The Years
  • I’m A Song (Sing Me)
  • Living Is Ours
  • We Can Fly
  • Shine A Light
  • Living Is Ours
  • Goodbye Goodbye
  • It’s Over
  • Our Love Will Grow And Grow
  • New Romance (It’s A Mystery)
  • After The Goldrush/New Day
  • David’s Song (Who’ll Come With Me)
  • Celebrate The Love
  • Tissue Of Lies
  • Linda Martin: Edge Of The Universe
  • Linda Martin: Terminal ‘3’
  • Linda Martin: Body Works
  • Linda Martin: What Became Of Love
  • Linda Martin: If I Can Change Your Mind
  • Linda Martin: Impossible To Do
  • Linda Martin: Here We Go
  • Linda Martin & Friends: All The People In The World
  • Linda Martin: Where The Boys Are
  • Linda Martin: Lipstick On Your Collar

Additional Singles of Chips (192kbps):

  • Lyttle People: Let’s Dance
  • Lyttle People: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  • My World
  • After The Goldrush
  • Goodbye Goodbye
  • Just A Little Bit Longer
  • The Sooner The Better
  • I Want to Celebrate Our Love
  • Automobile
  • (Put On Your) Dancin’ Shoes
  • Linda Martin: Edge Of The Universe
  • Linda Martin: Celebrate The Love
  • Linda Martin: Terminal ‘3’
  • Linda Martin: (Feels Like) Walking In My Sleep
  • Linda Martin: Liffey Tinker
  • Linda Martin: Liffey Tinker (instrumental)
  • Linda Martin: Impossible To Do
  • Linda Martin: Impossible To Do (instrumental)
  • Linda Martin: Only Hiding From Love
  • Linda Martin: Miles Of Eyes
  • Linda Martin: Why Me
  • Linda Martin: Shades Of Blue


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  1. toby strebel / Jan 19 2013 06:08

    hi, thanks so much for posting this…do you happen to have Linda Martin’s 1988 single “Hiding From Love”? I’d pay anything for it or an mp3 of it….please contact me if you have it at

    thank you!!

    • rockroots / Jan 22 2013 17:28

      Hi Toby, I’m afraid I don’t have that single but I’m always on the lookout at record fairs. I have recently got her 1990 single “Where the Boys Are” though, and will update the link with a new download in the near future.

      • toby strebel / Jan 22 2013 19:39

        oh ok cool, thank you so much…i do have her song “edge of the universe” from 1983 and “impossible to do” from 1989 if you want those…please let me know if you ever find “hiding from love”…does she have a contact address/fanclub or something where I could inquire directly?

      • rockroots / Feb 18 2013 12:23

        I’ve added those new songs now. I don’t know of any fanclub for Linda, and again it seems strange that her back-catalogue has been so overlooked.

  2. Mark / May 3 2020 19:23

    I’m missing 2 Chips songs, Hi-Lowe and Just a Little Bit Longer. Any chance you might be able to help me out with either of those?

    • rockroots / May 13 2020 20:13

      Hi Mark, this is the single that’s escaped me as well, unfortunately. If/when I finally track it down I’ll add it here.

      • Mark / May 13 2020 20:50

        Aren’t those songs on two different singles?

    • rockroots / May 13 2020 23:36

      Ah – you’re right! I thought I had updated this post with new purchases, but I hadn’t. You’ll find a second link above with more singles and upgrades of some of the older ones. I’m still looking for Hi-Lowe though.

      • TOPAZ / May 16 2020 00:29

        There’s only a handful of Irish songs I’m still looking for:

        The Others – Why Must They Die

        The Real McCoy – Near or Far, So Long

        Tina and the Nevada – All My Life, Where Are You

        and of course, Hi-Lowe by The Chips.



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