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December 31, 2016 / rockroots

The Junkbox Band – Let’s Wash Our Socks For Christmas


Pajo’s Junkbox. This record was bought partly to serve as proof after a friend, some years ago,  had accused me of completely imagining this 1980s TV show. A complete lack of any online evidence at the time was presumably due to RTE’s policy of not recording their children’s TV output (just ask Zig & Zag), but I see a few surviving clips have since turned up thanks to vintage home videos. In any case, notwithstanding my fully-paid-up membership of Pajo’s Junkyard Gang or whatever the fanclub was called, the ‘zany’ humour of Pajo – a giant rat with a pink mohawk (and not at all related to Roland Rat) – Grabbit, Fetchit and other assorted sidekicks hasn’t translated all that well to this novelty Christmas single from 1987.

With music by Keogh (John?) and Roe, the A-side is a rock’n’roll revival number of the type popularised by Wizzard, Gary Glitter or Shakin’ Stevens in Christmases past, the B-side more of a sing-along nursery rhyme.

The Junkbox Band – Let’s Wash Our Socks For Christmas


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