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May 16, 2012 / rockroots

Falling Asunder Rock Review part II


Seamus ‘Smiley’ Bolger started out as a DJ in the Dublin clubs in the 1960s and for decades has been a feature of the Irish music scene, working variously as a rock journalist, a publisher, a roadie for Thin Lizzy, a band manager and as a gig promoter. It was in the latter role that he organised the Falling Asunder Rock Review EP in 1976. The name was first used for a tour of Ireland in July of that year, organised by Bob Geldof and Billy McGrath, which showcased the little-known groups Nightbus, Cheap Thrills and The Boomtown Rats. Hot on heels of that, a second national tour was organised by Smiley Bolger in December 1976. Billed as the Falling Asunder Rock Review part II, it featured The Jimi Slevin Band and The White Falls Band. The Jimi Slevin Band had only recently been formed following Slevin’s departure from Skid Row and included ex-Peggy’s Leg guitarists Jimi Slevin and Jimmy Gibson with former Medium Wave Band members Brian Despard on drums and Garrett Brown on bass. The Irish Rock Discography (virtually the only source of information about this record) informs us that The White Falls Band were from Limerick and had a lineup of Paul Healy (lead guitar/vocals), Dermot Sheehan (guitar/vocals), John Noughton (bass/vocals) and Liam Darcy (drums). Unlike the first tour, part II was marked by a commemorative EP with two tracks by each of the then-unsigned bands, produced by Jackie Hayden and released through CBS Records Ireland.

The Jimi Slevin Band contributed I Don’t Wanna Leave and Innocence, the latter a complex guitar instrumental harking back to Peggy’s Leg’s prog rock talents. The next year, the band were signed to EMI and released the album Getting There – credited to Jimi Slevin & Firefly – which included a re-recording of I Don’t Wanna Leave but without the guitar coda present on the EP. The White Falls Band recorded a fairly standard blues-rocker titled Black Jack which displays some solid group playing but could have benefited from better lead vocals. Second track Spider Legs, however, is an insistent piece of funk rock that unfortunately fades out just as you expect it to get even better. White Falls seem to have disappeared without trace after this EP. Smiley Bolger continued as a music promoter, became a regular on Irish TV in the late ’80s (or was it early ’90s?), and is probably best known today as the organiser of the annual Vibe For Philo concerts marking the anniversary of the death of his friend Phil Lynott.


Falling Asunder – Rock Review Part II (192 kbps):

  1. Jimi Slevin Band – I Don’t Wanna Leave
  2. Jimi Slevin Band – Innocence
  3. White Falls Band – Black Jack
  4. White Falls Band – Spider Legs


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  1. johnoregansjukebox / May 16 2014 15:45

    The White Falls Band included Paul Healey and the late Dermot Shehan(RIP) on guitars, John Naughton on bass/vocals and Liam D’arcy on drums. Formerly known as Workfarm There were other people in Workfarm as in Neil Lenihan-guitar and Mick Fraser-vocals who were there briefly in 1974 but they had gone by the time The White Falls Band came about. The White Falls Band recorded 2 songs on the CBS EP “Black Jack” and “Spider Legs”.

    They later morphed into a New Wave band called The IOU’s and then Paul joined The Outfit in 1982 while John, Der and Tom McLoughlin formed The Cruisers and John Naughton and Liam D’arcy formed The News a cabaret pop band with Gary Ryan and John Collins..

    Liam and John later reunited in a Blues band The 54 Club with Ian Harris on guitar/vocals before John Naughton retired from music, Liam and Ian are now part of the Boogie Band started by Dave “Gonzo” McAnaney in 2007 and now play at Nancy Blakes every Sunday night – Liam D’arcy (drums), Ian Harris (guitar/vocals), Colin Bartley (bass), Jim Hanley(keys), Robbie Costelloe (sax) and Stevie Donighue(percussion) with occasional guest Paul O’Sullivan (guitar/vocals) and I saw Johnny Fean play with them once. Der Sheehan pursued a career in London as a draughtsman before dying tragically some years ago Paul Healey is still active occasionally in Limerick last seen playing with brother Brian and cousin Damien Healey in a band called The Healers.


  1. Jimi Slevin & Firefly – Getting There | Rock Roots: The Irish Rock Music Archive

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