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March 17, 2012 / rockroots

One Year On / Ireland’s Sunshine Pop

Today Ireland celebrates 1551 years since of the death of Saint Patrick. More importantly perhaps, it also marks the first anniversary of this blog. The original plan was for this to last just one year but, with typical over-ambition, this was unrealistic. Instead, to mark the anniversary I’ve trawled the archives and dusted off the stencils and crayons to create one more collection of vintage ’60s music. More below. It’s been a mixed year – record shops have sadly reach extinction in Ireland, yet record fairs seem to be springing up everywhere, which is a surprising but very welcome development. Today is also the official release date for the first full album by Brush Shiels’ Skid Row in over 35 years, and a few weeks later punk veterans The Radiators From Space will release an album of covers of Irish rock and pop songs from the ’60s. (Now, I wouldn’t for a moment think of claiming any credit for inspiring the Radiators’ album of course, but most of their song choices did feature here over the last year, that’s all I’m saying!) So if you’re looking to buy some music, you could do much worse than check these out. And on the subject of inspiring others, I can’t but notice some of the stuff I’ve posted here turning up on other sites like YouTube, etc. It was probably naive of me not to expect this to happen. Obviously I don’t own the music or the images, but after spending a lot of money on these records and a lot of time transferring and EQ-ing them and getting hi-res photos of the artwork (thanks uncle Nollaig!), it would be nice to have an acknowledgement or a link-back rather than have someone else take all the credit. Anyway…



My first idea was to put together a ‘worst Irish showband and country’ compilation from the bits and pieces I’ve collected, but that’s a bit cynical and in any case I’ve grown quite fond of some of them, so instead this is a collection of mostly frothy summery pop tunes from the 1960s which didn’t really fit in to the Brandy of the Damned series (this could be Volume 1.5 or 2.5?), most of which are great and very catchy but largely forgotten.


The Damned Brandy: Ireland’s Sunshine Pop:

  1. The Others – Lovely Loretta
  2. Derrick & The Sounds – Morning Papers And Margarine
  3. Some People – Walk Like A Man
  4. Dreams – I Will See You There
  5. Danny Hughes – Hi Ho Silver Lining
  6. The Deep Set – Hello Amy
  7. Dickie Rock & The Miami Showband – Round And Around
  8. The Strangers – Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)
  9. Mellow Candle – Tea With The Sun
  10. The Deep Set – I Started A Joke
  11. The Freshmen – When Summer Comes
  12. Gary Street & The Fairways – Invisible Riley
  13. Alan Dee & The Chessmen – There’s Nothing To It
  14. The Sands – Dance, Dance, Dance
  15. The Movement – Something You Got
  16. Homer’s Knods – Mr Rainbow
  17. The Coterie – Deportees (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)
  18. Derrick & The Sounds – My Sly Sadie
  19. Joe Dolan – You’re Such A Good Looking Woman
  20. Derrick & The Sounds – The Power Of Love
  21. Mitch Mahon & The Editions – You Got What I Need
  22. Maxi, Dick & Twink – Things You Hear About Me
  23. Oscar Whifney Sound – Tommy Jones
  24. Teddie & The Tigers – First Love Never Dies
  25. The Vampires – Do You Wanna Dance
  26. Dreams – The Casatschok
  27. The Mad Lads – Strangers
  28. The Strangers – Step Inside
  29. Tina & The Mexicans – I Won’t Marry Him




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  1. Brandon / Mar 17 2012 19:23

    Any link for this one?

    • rockroots / Mar 18 2012 15:10

      Ah – good point! Sorry about that, slight technical hitch. The link should take you to the music for now, I’ll get the full music + artwork package back up in the next day or two. Thanks.

    • rockroots / Mar 20 2012 11:38

      OK, all sorted now.

  2. Niall Cullen / Mar 21 2012 20:27

    Happy First Birthday…………Glad you could stick around, we get to hear a lot of British Psych Pop in all sorts of Comps etc….but thanks to your good self we get to hear what we were up to not so long ago…and The Rads will put their spin to these nuggets and we’ll love them like we always have ( The Rads not the songs )
    Thanks for all the great Irish music, not really as bad as we thought it was on second listen !!

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