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December 4, 2011 / rockroots

Dean Elliott – Return to the Planet of the Apes



Continuing my obsession with Planet of the Apes, I’ve finally tracked down a hugely rare copy of the soundtrack album for the 1975 cartoon series Return to the Planet of the Apes. The series ended somewhat abruptly after just 13 episodes at the end of that year, and although it’s not very highly regarded either by fans of the franchise or of ’70s cartoons in general, it had a lot going for it with some solid writing and continuity, occasionally great background artwork, and Dean Elliott’s distinctive score. Elliott was a big-band jazz conductor with an experimental side, and specialised in soundtrack work, most notably for Chuck Jones’ late ’60s Tom & Jerry and early ’80s Looney Tunes cartoons, and for a series of Dr Seuss animated features in the early ’70s. He also dabbled with movie soundtracks, including scoring two Albert Zugsmith-directed, Mamie Van Doren-starring films in 1960 – College Confidential and Sex Kittens Go To College. His soundtrack for ‘Return’ was rooted firmly in the 1970s, but included elements both of his earlier big-band music and of Jerry Goldsmith’s avant-garde soundtrack to the original Planet of the Apes film. The pieces on offer here are mainly short stings used to punctuate some highly dramatic moment, but there’s probably some much more substantial recordings somewhere just waiting for the expanded re-issue treatment. Elliott seems to have retired by the late 1980s, having started his recording career as early as 1947, but there’s very little information on him beyond his extensive soundtrack credits. Enjoy.


 Return to the Planet of the Apes (192 kbps):

01 – Main Title

02 – Into the Future

03 – Emergency

04 – The Forbidden Zone

05 – Earthquake!

06 – Fire!

07 – Judy Disappears

08 – A Human

09 – Nova

10 – Apes that Hunt

11 – Escape from the Apes

12 – War Games

13 – Parade

14 – The Search

15 – Blue Eyes Escapes

16 – Back With Friends (sting)

17 – Usa

18 – The Underdwellers

19 – I’m Going Humanoid Over You

20 – River to Ape City

21 – Hunted

22 – Lagoon of Peril

23 – Diving in the Lagoon

24 – Terror on Ice Mountain (sting)

25 – Krador’s Plea

26 – River of Flames (sting)

27 – Screaming Wings (sting)

28 – Demonstrate Power

29 – Back Home (sting)

30 – River of Escape

31 – Building Rafts

32 – The Hope of New Valley

33 – Desert Discovery

34 – New Valley

35 – Mission of Mercy (sting)

36 – Invasion of the Underdwellers (sting)

37 – End Title


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