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November 29, 2011 / rockroots

Peter Adler – I’m Gonna Turn My Life Around


Peter Adler (192 kbps):

  1. I’m Gonna Turn My Life Around
  2. But I Was Cool


I finally got my hands on the other tracks from Peter Adler’s solo career, so for those looking for more than this single please see here:

Peter Adler




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  1. Hilary / Jan 14 2012 02:35

    Ran across your website while looking up Irish rock and discovered Peter Adler. Damn shame he only had 2 singles! If you ever find “You Especially” which is on the other side of “Love and Not Hate,” could you PLEASE put it on here? I was trying to find more info on him, and ran across a newsclipping about some Irish fashion model who had been interviewed… she was asked about Peter Adler (apparently quite the celeb at the time!) and she said, “oh, he’s too overrated.” My favorite tune of Adler’s is currently “I’m Gonna Turn My Life Around,” which reminds me of the Australian singer, Jeff St John and his tune, “Big Time Operator.”

    Great site! Glad I stumbled upon it! Please put more stuff on it…very hard for American folks like me to find Irish oldies that aren’t that horrid folk music! And you have to know the group/singer is Irish because he’s often masquerading as a “British” singer, especially on Decca or Pye.

    • rockroots / Jan 15 2012 16:08

      Thanks for the comment Hilary. I know what you mean about Irish folk/trad music – it has it’s place and it’s fans, but it’s very heavily promoted and there is other Irish music! I’ll certainly share any more Peter Adler music if and when I find it (although I know technically he is British/American, but he was living in Dublin at the time and involved in Irish bands). The newspaper piece sounds very interesting, it’s hard to find any info on Adler, especially after the late ’60s. And thanks also for pointing out Jeff St John – I’d never heard of him before, but he has a fantastic voice.

      To quote Peter, “Be cool! Keep cool! Stay cool!”

  2. Hilary / Feb 12 2012 02:32

    Looked up Peter Adler again (wanted to look at your site) and found your lovely note. Thank you! Are you on Facebook?

    My mum is a fan of that horrid folk music. (She loves pipes, bagpipes in particular, which I loathe.) Ick! But she likes Country too (I was raised in Texas and have spent most of my life there and still live there) so there is no use escaping it. She also went through a very strange, and mercifully brief, period of Christian pop when I was in high school. I’m more of a mod girl.

    I have never been to Ireland (I have ancient roots–at least 18th Century–there in perhaps County Monaghan, which is a guesstimate) but I hope to go one day.

    Once again, thank you very much for your kindness and be sure to check out my new blog.

    • rockroots / Feb 20 2012 23:55

      That’s a great site you’ve got – you must have quite a collection! I’m not on Facebook, at least not officially (I’m keeping a low profile!) but I’ll be sure to add your site to my links.

  3. Hilary / Feb 23 2012 03:36

    Thanks for the compliments mate! The greater majority of my music consists mainly of MP3 files. I probably have got about a hundred LPs, maybe 60 78 rpm records, at least 50 7 inch singles, and about 25 EP singles…none of these are MP3 bits as I don’t know how to transfer records to MP3. I can usually find what I got online, and that’s pretty much what I listen to. My prize 78 album is Carmen Miranda’s “South American Way” from 1944 that is in museum condition and I only know its age because I found it in a book of album covers. My prize EPs are 4 Chinese EPs from Singapore, my prize LPs are my Hungarian records, and I don’t really have any prize 45s because I have too many of them, and most of them are American pressings.

  4. Hilary / Feb 23 2012 03:39

    And to tell you the truth, I don’t really know very much personally about my own record collection… I’m not very sure how much it’s worth, nor do I care, and especially as far as the foreign records are concerned, I don’t know very much about the artists except their songs and locations. I have many CDs too but I don’t know how many, and God only knows exactly how many MP3 files I have. I know it’s somewhere in the 40,000s.


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