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July 14, 2011 / rockroots

The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. XIII


Ireland’s contribution to the world of prog rock, from such groups as Peggy’s Leg, Fruupp, Supply Demand & Curve, Mushroom, Skid Row and Turner & Kirwan Of Wexford.


The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. XIII:

01  Peggy’s Leg – History Tells

02  Fruupp – Graveyard Epistle

03  Supply Demand & Curve – When You’re By Yourself

04  Peggy’s Leg – Just Another Journey

05  Mushroom – Standing Alone

06  Skid Row – Silver Bird

07  Supply Demand & Curve – Precious Time

08  Fruupp – Garden Lady

09  Peggy’s Leg – Variations For Huxley

10  Supply Demand & Curve – Ooh Gilbert!

11  Turner & Kirwan Of Wexford – Father ’Reilly Says Goodbye


And, as Father Reilly says goodbye, so does this rock odyssey. As better quality recordings or additional tracks become available the volumes will be updated and any changes listed, but having covered the dawn of the beat groups up to the excesses of prog rock, this seems like a good point to stop and wait for someone else to take the baton for the next chapter – the new wave and punk reaction – but not me.




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  1. steve / Dec 5 2012 21:10

    This series is awesome!
    Thank you very much brother.

  2. gerry molyneaux / Jul 5 2013 14:51

    great idea-what about PIG IRON,ALYCE,ORANGE MACHINE,REFORM(often slagged as a showband which like THE FRESHMEN they were not),THE FRESHMEN,EIRE APPARENT,ANDWELLAS DREAM,TWEED??????

    • rockroots / Jul 7 2013 18:39

      Hi Gerry, you’ll find a lot of those bands on some of the earlier posts, but of course some of the great Irish rock bands of the era left behind no recordings unfortunately.

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