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July 9, 2011 / rockroots

The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. XII


A collection of Irish progressive rock & pop from the ’70s. Concept albums from Loudest Whisper, Fruupp and The Freshmen are joined by proggish noises from Jonathan Kelly, Andwella, Mellow Candle, Chips, Reform, The Rascals, Jackie McAuley and Tír na nÓg.


The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. XII:

01  Loudest Whisper – Dawning Of The Day

02  Jonathan Kelly – Ballad Of Cursed Anna

03  Fruupp – Prince Of Darkness

04  Andwella – Are You Ready

05  The Freshmen – Peace

06  Mellow Candle – Dan The Wing

07  Andwella – Just How Long

08  Chips – Earth

09  Reform – One For The Boys

10  The Rascals – Rocks Of Bawn

11  Reform – I’m Gonna Get You

12  Fruupp – Annie Austere

13  The Freshmen – Lost Generation

14  Jackie McAuley – Bangerine

15  Jonathan Kelly – Don’t You Be Too Long

16  Mellow Candle – Buy Or Beware

17  Tír na nÓg – Free Ride

18  Jonathan Kelly’s Outside – Sensation Street


And speaking of Fruupp, thanks to Brian O’Neill who informs us that the band have just been given the prestgious Friars Heroes Award. Friars music club in Aylesbury, for those not in the know, was one of Britain’s premier music venues between 1969 and 1984, eventually reopening in 2009. A very select handful of acts were given the Friars Aylesbury Cup (that’s ‘FA Cup’) for outstanding performances in the club during its earlier existence. At right is Fruupp drummer Martin Foye accepting the band’s Heroes Award in recognition of the many hugely popular gigs they played at Friars between 1974 and 1976. Their four classic albums have all been reissued on CD in recent years, and official Fruupp merchandise can now be found at Reunion concerts have been suggested for years, and the notion will probably only grow further in the wake of this award.



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