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April 21, 2011 / rockroots

The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. IV


Moving into psychedelic territory with tracks recorded by Irish artists from the period 1966-1970. Psych pop comes from Orange Machine, Dreams, The Real McCoy, The Movement, Eire ApparentThe Pan PipersThe Jacobites, The Trixons, Hat & Tie and Clodagh Rodgers, soul music from Granny’s Intentions, Just Five, The Bye-Laws, Andwella’s Dream and David McWilliams, and technicolour classics from The Belfast Gypsies, The Wheels, The Boomerangs, The Gentry, Wheels Of Time, Love Street, The Poets, Mellow Candle and Them.


The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. IV:

01  Orange Machine – Dr Crippen’s Waiting Room

02  Andwella’s Dream – Sunday

03  Them – I Happen To Love You

04  Clodagh Rodgers – Spider

05  The Belfast Gipsies – Secret Police

06  Granny’s Intentions – The Story Of David

07  The Boomerangs – Dream World

08  The Gentry – Attempted Contact

09  Dreams – A Boy Needs A Girl

10  Wheels Of Time – 1984

11  Love Street – Rock And Roll Woman

12  The Real McCoy – Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)

13  The Movement – Head For The Sun

14  The Poets – Locked In A Room

15  Eire Apparent – Follow Me

16  The Pan Pipers – Stop

17  Mellow Candle – Feeling High

18  Them – It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

19  Just Five – I Will Have You

20  The Trixons – Just Another Song

21  The Bye-Laws – Deep Water

22  David McWilliams – Redundancy Blues

23  The Wheel-A-Ways – Bad Little Woman

24  The Jacobites – Choo Choo Charlie

25  Hat & Tie – Finding It Rough

26  Andwella’s Dream – Andwella



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