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April 14, 2011 / rockroots

The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. III


Tracks recorded by Irish groups from the period 1965-1969. Taking the story to the next phase, this collection adds some mod-tinged R’n’B and soul. There are garage stompers from The Creatures, The Stellas, The Belfast Gypsies, The Luvin’ Kind, The Bats, The Wheels and Them, soul stormers from Peter Adler, Granny’s Intentions, The Blue Aces, The Arrows, The Royal Blues and Dublin Corporation, and psychedelic nuggets from The Movement, The Pan Pipers, Dreams, Orange Machine, The Trixons, David McWilliams and Eire Apparent.


The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. III:

01  The Creatures – Hurtin’ All Over

02  The Stellas – Fortune Teller

03  The Belfast Gypsies – I Want You

04  The Wheels – Bad Little Woman

05  Them – You Just Can’t Win

06  The Belfast Gypsies – The Last Will And Testament

07  The Luvin’ Kind – Answers Please

08  The Bats – On The Waterfront

09  Them – I Can Only Give You Everything

10  The Wheels – Gloria

11  The Blue Aces – That’s Alright

12  Peter Adler – I’m Gonna Turn My Life Around

13  Granny’s Intentions – Julie Don’t Love Me Anymore

14  The Arrows – See Saw

15  The Royal Blues – Proud Mary

16  Dublin Corporation – Rollin’ Common

17  The Pan Pipers – Money And Love

18  Dreams – Baby I’m Your Man

19  The Movement – Tell Her

20  Them – Walking In The Queen’s Garden

21  Orange Machine – Real Live Permanent Dream

22  Dreams – Softly Softly

23  The Trixons – Sunny Side Sam

24  David McWilliams – What’s The Matter With Me

25  Them – Dirty Old Man (At The Age Of Sixteen)

26  Eire Apparent – The Clown



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