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April 7, 2011 / rockroots

The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. II



A collection of rock/pop songs recorded by Irish groups, mostly from the period 1965-1968. Many of the same artists as featured on volume 1, but with a more sophisticated sound. The Wheels, The Spectres, The Mad Lads, The Belfast Gypsies and Them developed a garage rock sound to rival the best the USA had to offer, whilst former bluesmen like The Greenbeats, The Creatures, Ian Whitcomb, Peter Adler and Van Morrison broadened their tastes towards pop music. Showbands such as Clipper Carlton, The Freshmen and The Blue Aces also moved towards the pop charts and newer groups like Granny’s IntentionsThe Deep Set and Nirvana emerged playing soul and psychedelic pop.


The Brandy of the Damned: Ireland’s Rock Odyssey, Vol. II:

01  The Wheels – Road Block

02  Them – Market Place

03  Granny’s Intentions – One Time Lovers

04  The Deep Set – That’s The Way Life Goes

05  Them – Turn On Your Lovelight

06  The Belfast Gipsies – Gloria’s Dream

07  The Creatures – Looking At Tomorrow

08  Peter Adler – But I Was Cool

09  The Blue Aces – You Don’t Care

10  Clipper Carlton – A Little Bit Of Me Dies

11  The Greenbeats – I’m On Fire

12  The Freshmen – Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

13  Them – Just A Little Bit

14  The Spectres – The Facts Of Life

15  Bluesville featuring Ian Whitcomb – Gin House Blues

16  Granny’s Intentions – Sandy’s On The Phone Again

17  Nirvana – Oh! What A Performance

18  George – Joe Harper Saturday Morning

19  The Freshmen – Carpet Man

20  George – Chick-A-Boom

21  Ian Whitcomb & Bluesville – Too Many Cars On The Road

22  The Mad Lads – I Can Tell

23  Them – Gloria

24  The Belfast Gipsies – People, Let’s Freak Out

25  Them – She Put A Hex On You




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  1. James Potter / Jun 18 2012 16:14

    There’s a mistake in the booklet “Gloria” by Them can found on their first lp “The Angry Young Them!” it’s the 6 (but I’m not sure it can be the 5 or 7 :D) , not just in “The Story Of Them…”. I saw all “tbod” list, thye’re great, but there’s no song from Them’s 1979 album “Shut Your Mouth” an no song from Light (Jim Armstrong’s Band. Why they aren’t in “tbod” lists?

    • rockroots / Jun 20 2012 22:10

      Hi James, thanks for listening. With the booklets, I was just being lazy by listing all the Van-era Them tracks as coming from the Decca compilation. That’s where I sourced them, but you are quite right, and if I was doing it again I would list the original Them albums rather than just a ’90s compilation CD.

      I planned to only bring the Brandy series up to the mid-’70s, because there was a big change in Irish music at that time. For that reason I didn’t really consider ‘Shut Your Mouth’ or ‘Light’ for inclusion because they were slightly later. Again, you make a very good point – I think ‘Shut Your Mouth’ is a patchy album but there’s some great tracks on ‘Light’ which, in retrospect, should have been represented (especially since I used Turner & Kirwan from 1977). Arguably, the best tracks from ‘Light’ were also found on the Truth album, which WAS included here.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the comments, I’ll have a think about making some changes when I get around to overhauling the site.


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