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March 21, 2011 / rockroots

The Freshmen – Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth


The Freshmen were one of the most successful pop groups on the Irish showband scene of the 1960s, with a reputation for sunny, Beach Boys-inspired music. But in 1970 the band were signed to the CBS major label, and CBS had plans to break the group internationally. Taking their cue from ‘The Troubles’ which had just erupted in Northern Ireland (where the Freshmen originated), they began recording a concept album on the subject of peace and harmony amongst all the people of the world. The heavily orchestrated resulting album used sonorous Irish actor Micheál MacLiammóir to narrate passages between the tracks, and the suite was given a live performance in Dublin.

However, the album sank without trace, and the Freshmen were soon dropped by the record label. In a recent TV interview focusing on the Freshmen, singer Derek Dean considered the ‘Peace On Earth’ album to have been well-intentioned but naive, adding that the music wasn’t very good, or at least wasn’t Freshmen music. He recalled that CBS withdrew all publicity for the release before it had a chance to sell. Despite this, and despite the fact it has yet to receive a CD reissue, the music on the album isn’t bad. It has a Jimmy Webb feel to it – indeed Webb wrote one of the songs – and is a very well-produced album. ‘Banquet For The World’ was released as a single backed by a band original ‘Time Hasn’t Changed Her’, and there were a further four singles issued through the CBS label before the band were dropped.


Peace On Earth (1970):

01 – And God Created Woman

02 – Lost Generation

03 – Peace

04 – Who Else Can We Blame

05 – The Time Is Here, The Time Is Now

06 – Banquet For The World

Bonus Tracks:

07 – Banquet For The World (single version)

08 – Time Hasn’t Changed Her





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  1. marc anders / Apr 26 2012 15:41

    Can you please let me know where i can purchase a DVD of the album Peace on earth

  2. Joe McAveety / Sep 19 2012 01:39

    is it still in print,where can i get a copy,a great album for its time,Joe the Tailor.

    • rockroots / Sep 19 2012 23:07

      Hi Joe, as far as I know there was a CD release for the album on Sony in 1993 but I’ve never seen a copy of the CD for sale. You could take a look at eBay or online music stores, but you’re probably more likely to find a copy of the original vinyl LP for sale, which could set you back up to 100 quid. Long overdue a re-issue I reckon.

  3. Pat Burke / Jul 16 2013 13:23

    Likewise I would love to get myself a copy of this wonderful LP. or if possible in CD format.
    It was ‘of it’s time’ and for those of us old enough to remember it was an absolute classic record.
    Pat Burke

  4. Derek Dean / Oct 19 2013 17:18

    A limited edition will be released for Christmas 2013. Plans for a general release were scrapped when I saw the massive hassle involved. Thanks. More news will follow in November.

    • rockroots / Oct 31 2013 02:48

      This is great news Derek, thanks for letting us know and please do keep us up to date on progress.

    • Padraig Sheehy / Oct 18 2016 00:25

      Was it released in CD. If so where can I get it.

  5. Sandra / Mar 29 2014 00:40

    I have the original LP. It’s deadly. I was just going through my old records earlier tonight & it was the first one I played. Bought it when I was a teenager & still enjoy it today 🙂

  6. Macartan Mohan / Mar 30 2014 23:49

    Derek where can I get a video of the Freshmen playing live never had the pleasure of seeing the band


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